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Riddick Bowe
Notable Wins:
Pinklon Thomas [Post-Prime]
Bert Cooper
Tyrell Biggs
Tony Tubbs
Bruce Seldon
Pierre Coetzer
Evander Holyfield (x2)
Michael Dokes [Post-Prime]
Jesse Ferguson
Larry Donald [Undefeated]
Herbie Hide [Undefeated]
Jorge Luis Gonzalez [Undefeated]
Andrew Golota (x2) [Undefeated] *Won both by DQ in fights he was losing
Notable NCs:
Buster Mathis Jr. [Undefeated]
Notable Losses:
Evander Holyfield II (Bowe came in fat, but still really didn't lose)
Questionable Wins:
Tony Tubbs
Questionable Losses:
Evander Holyfield II

'A' level wins:
Holyfield (x2)
'A-' level wins:
'B' level wins:
Bruce Seldon, Buster Mathis Jr. [Half Credit], Larry Donald, Herbie Hide, Andrew Golota (x2)
'B-' level wins:
Pinklon Thomas, Bert Cooper, Tyrell Biggs, Pierre Coetzer, Michael Dokes, Jesse Ferguson, Jorge Luis Gonzalez

Point Total: 3 + 0 + 5 + 3.5 – 2 = 9.5

James J. Jeffries
Notable Wins:
Hank Griffin
Theodore Van Buskirk
Henry Baker
Joe Goddard [Goddard Post-Prime]
Peter Jackson [2 feet in the grave]
Tom Sharkey (x2) [Undefeated]
Bob Armstrong
Bob Fitzsimmons (x2) *Light Heavyweight [Fitzsimmons Post-Prime]
James J. Corbett (x2) [1st fight Corbett Post-Prime] [rematch Corbett Over the hill]
Joe Kennedy
Gus Ruhlin
Jack Munroe

'A' level wins:
Tom Sharkey (x2)
'A-' level wins:
Bob Fitzsimmons (x2), James J. Corbett I, Gus Ruhlin
'B' level wins:
James J. Corbett II
'B-' level wins:
Hank Griffin, Theodore Van Buskirk, Henry Baker, Joe Goddard, Peter Jackson, Bob Armstrong, Joe Kennedy, Jack Munroe

Point Total: 3 + 5.25 + .5 + 4 – 0 = 12.75

Joe Jeannette
Notable Wins:
Black Bill (x8) [Over the hill in the last 5]
George Cole (x2) *Middleweight but proven at Heavyweight
Jim Jeffords (x3) [Post-prime in last defeat]
Sam Langford (x3)
Sam McVea (x2)
Morris Harris (x4) [Over the hill in last defeat]
Sandy Ferguson (x3)
Jim Barry (x2)
Al Kubiak (x3)
Dan (Porky) Flynn (x2) [Post-prime in last defeat]
Jack "Twin' Sullivan
Chuck Carleton (x3) [Post-prime in last two defeats]
Andy Morris (x2)
George Rodel
Battling Jim Johnson (x5)
Bill Tate (x4) [Green to Pre-Prime]
Tony Ross (x2)
Jeff Clark *Light Heavyweight
George 'Kid' Cotton (x2)
John Lester Johnson (x2) [Green to Pre-Prime] *Light Heavyweight
Georges Carpentier *Light Heavyweight
Colin Bell
Larry Williams
Bill Watkins (x2) [Green in first defeat]
Andre Anderson
Kid Norfolk *Light Heavyweight
Tom Cowler
Clay Turner *Light Heavyweight
Bartley Madden
Notable Losses:
Jack Johnson (x3) *Jeannette Pre-Prime
Sam Langford (x7) [PTS 15] [PTS 15] [PTS 12] [NWS 10] [PTS 20] [KO 7] [NWS 12] *Jeannette Pre-Prime in 1st Loss, Post-Prime in last 2 losses
Sam McVea
Sandy Ferguson
Al Kubiak
Jeff Clark
Jack Thompson
Questionable Draws:
Harry Wills 1914-06-09 (Wills' favor)
Sam Langford 1913-10-03 (Jeannette's favor)
Sam Langford 1908-09-01 (Langford's favor)
Jack Johnson 1905-05-09 (Johnson's favor)

'A' level wins:
Langford (x3), McVea (x2)
'A-' level wins:
Sandy Ferguson (x3), Jeff Clark, Georges Carpentier, Kid Norfolk
'B' level wins:
Jim Barry (x2), Black Bill (x3), Morris Harris (x3), Al Kubiak (x3), Jack "Twin' Sullivan, George Rodel, Porky Dan Flynn I, Battling Jim Johnson (x5), Tony Ross (x2), George 'Kid' Cotton (x2), Colin Bell, Bill Watkins II, Tom Cowler, Clay Turner, Bartley Madden
'B-' level wins:
George Cole (x2), Jim Jeffords (x2), Chuck Carleton I, Andy Morris (x2), Porky Dan Flynn II, Bill Tate (x4), John Lester Johnson (x2), Larry Williams, Bill Watkins I, Andre Anderson

Point Total: 7 + 7.5 + 21.5 + 6.25 – 18.5 = 23.75

Jack Sharkey
Notable Wins:
Floyd Johnson
Al Roberts [Post-Prime]
Sully Montgomery
Jack Renault
George Cook
Jim Maloney (x3)
Johnny Risko
Eddie Huffman
Pat McCarthy *Light Heavyweight
Bud Gorman
George Godfrey
Harry Wills [Over the hill]
Mike McTigue *Former Light Heavyweight Champion
Jack Delaney *Former Light Heavyweight Champion
Arthur De Kuh
K O Christner
Young Stribling *Natural Light Heavyweight
Tommy Loughran *Former Light Heavyweight Champion
Phil Scott
Primo Carnera
Max Schmeling
Phil Brubaker
Notable Losses:
Bud Gorman *Sharkey pre-prime
Jack Dempsey [KO 7] *Due to low blow preceding the KO punch
Johnny Risko
Max Schmeling
Primo Carnera [KO 6] *Sharkey past his prime
King Levinsky *Sharkey past his prime
Tommy Loughran *Sharkey past his prime
Questionable Wins:
Jack Renault
Max Schmeling II
Questionable Losses:
Jack Dempsey
Johnny Risko II
Max Schmeling I
Tommy Loughran II

*Sharkey fought two Black fighters in George Godfrey and Harry Wills.

'A' level wins:
Primo Carnera, Max Schmeling
'A-' level wins:
Jack Renault, Jim Maloney (x3), Harry Wills, George Godfrey, Jack Delaney, Young Stribling, Tommy Loughran
'B' level wins:
Floyd Johnson, Sully Montgomery, Johnny Risko, Bud Gorman, Mike McTigue, Phil Scott
'B-' level wins:
Al Roberts, George Cook, Eddie Huffman, Pat McCarthy, Arthur De Kuh, K O Christner, Phil Brubaker

Point Total: 4 + 12 + 6 + 3.5 – 13 = 12.5

Sam McVea
Notable Wins:
Fred Russell
Kid Carter *Middleweight, but proven against competing Heavyweights
Denver Ed Martin (x3)
Joe Jeannette
Jim Barry (x3) [1st fight prime] [2nd fight post-prime] [3rd fight over the hill]
Al Kubiak
Jim Stewart
Battling Jim Johnson (x6)
George Rodel [Undefeated] [Pre-Prime]
Bill Lang
Sam Langford (x2)
Colin Bell (x2)
Harry Wills (x2)
Sandy Ferguson [Over the hill]
Jeff Clark (x5) [first three prime] [last two post-prime]
Bob Devere
Notable Losses:
Jack Johnson (x3) [PTS 20] [PTS 20] [KO 20] *McVea Green to Pre-Prime, only count last encounter
Denver Ed Martin *McVea Pre-Prime
Joe Jeannette (x2) [NWS 10] [RTD 49] *Given distance of second fight won't count it as a KO pt wise
Sam Langford (x6) [PTS 20] [PTS 20] [TKO 11] [KO 13] [NWS 10] [NWS 10] *Last loss over-hill
Harry Wills (x2) [PTS 12] [KO 5] *McVea Post-prime in KO defeat
Jack Thompson
Questionable Losses:
Sam Langford 1916-04-07

'A' level wins:
Joe Jeannette, Sam Langford (x2), Harry Wills (x2)
'A-' level wins:
Jeff Clark (x3)
'B' level wins:
Denver Ed Martin (x3), Jim Barry I, Al Kubiak, Battling Jim Johnson (x6), Colin Bell (x2), Jeff Clark (x2)
'B-' level wins:
Kid Carter, George Rodel, Jim Barry II, Jim Stewart, Bill Lang, Sandy Ferguson, Bob Devere

Point Total: 8 + 3 + 10 + 3.25 – 19 = 5.25

Wladimir Klitschko (**new entry**)
Notable Wins:
Axel Schulz
Monte Barrett
Chris Byrd (x2) [rematch Byrd Post-Prime]
Frans Botha
Ray Mercer [Mercer Over the hill]
Jameel McCline
DaVarryl Williamson
Eliseo Castillo
Samuel Peter (x2) [rematch Peter Post-Prime]
Calvin Brock
Ray Austin
Lamon Brewster [Brewster Post-Prime]
Sultan Ibragimov
Tony Thompson (x2) [rematch both Post-Prime]
Ruslan Chagaev [Chagaev Post-Prime]
Eddie Chambers
David Haye
Mariusz Wach [on steroids]
Alexander Povetkin
Notable Losses:
Ross Puritty [Wlad Pre-Prime]
Corrie Sanders
Lamon Brewster

'A' level wins:
'A-' level wins:
Chris Byrd I
'B' level wins:
Chris Byrd II, Jameel McCline, Samuel Peter I, Tony Thompson I, Eddie Chambers, David Haye, Alexander Povetkin
'B-' level wins:
Axel Schulz, Monte Barrett, Frans Botha, Ray Mercer, DaVarryl Williamson, Eliseo Castillo, Samuel Peter II, Calvin Brock, Ray Austin, Lamon Brewster II, Sultan Ibragimov, Tony Thompson II, Ruslan Chagaev, Mariusz Wach

Points Total: 0 + 1.5 + 6.5 + 6.25 – 10 = 4.25

Max Schmeling
Notable Wins:
Gipsy Daniels *Light Heavyweight
Joe Sekyra
Johnny Risko
Paulino Uzcudun (x2)
Jack Sharkey
Young Stribling *Light Heavyweight
Mickey Walker *Middleweight, but proven at Heavyweight
Walter Neusel
Steve Hamas
Joe Louis
Ben Foord
Steve Dudas
Notable Losses:
Gipsy Daniels [KO 1] *Schmeling Pre-Prime
Jack Sharkey
Max Baer [TKO 10]
Steve Hamas
Joe Louis [KO 1] *Schmeling Post-Prime
Questionable Wins:
Jack Sharkey I
Questionable Losses:
Jack Sharkey II

'A' level wins:
Jack Sharkey, Joe Louis
'A-' level wins:
Paulino Uzcudun (x2), Young Stribling, Steve Hamas
'B' level wins:
Joe Sekyra, Johnny Risko, Mickey Walker, Walter Neusel, Ben Foord, Steve Dudas
'B-' level wins:
Gipsy Daniels

Point Total: 4 + 5.25 + 5 + .5 – 12 = 3.75
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