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I know alot of people ask what the best headgear out there is, and Im sure if you've asked, the brand Winning has come up. I haven't tried many but I cant picture anything being much better than this headgear, its almost perfect. I tried the best one from Title, the gel full face headgear, and Ive sparred with regular competition headgear. For some reason I felt the everlast competition headgear to be softer than the title gel one which was shock absorbing but a little hard and stiff on the face, but it could be due to the fact that I probably got it too small and that it was new so I never broke it in.

So I went to the company website and found out that the company is based in japan. Currently there is only 1 distributor based in the US, which is These headgear's are expensive because they are THE BEST and probably due to the Japanese currency exchange or something. ALOT of pros deal with this company, barrerra, morales, pacquiao, mayweather, de la hoya etc. Speaking of which, unfortunately for me I found out that he was at the Wild Card boxing club where I train at a couple hours before. He was dropping off some stuff for freddy roach, so I missed going to the gym and I could have gotten it delivered there too haha. I guess it worked out though because I got to try it on first and checked out some of their other gear (which is great). I was going to order these online but I found out that the place is not far from my house so I took the trip. The guy I met was a really nice cool guy and he makes you feel welcome and treats you like a pro, lets you try stuff on, insists you take your time etc, excellent service.

The best headgear these guys have is a facebar headgear (fg-5000) which alot of the pros use, its the best facebar type headgear available and lots of people claim this is the best headgear money can buy. I personally prefer traditional style headgears so I went with the fg2900 which is also cheaper.

The FG2900 is SUPER padded, soft, and comfortable. It has a really soft slow recovery foam that absorbs a great deal of shock, especially on the forehead. Its actually made from artificial leather, but that doesnt matter. It fits snugly on your face and feels smooth. It doesnt move around during sparing and again it aborbs ALOT of shock, but youre still going to get hurt, but no where near as much as if you used some other headgear. The padding around the cheeks is extra padded so this helps take shock off nose shots and makes it kind of hard to really get hit in the nose clean. They have other headgears too, but the fg2900 has 30 percent more padding on the cheeks and forehead than traditional headgear. The one and only flaw, if you want to call it that, which I can think of is that it doesn't have padding on the back of the head in case you get knocked out cold and fall flat on your ass, but then again that doesn't really happen very often in sparring sessions.

I give this headgear a 10/10. I paid $171 cash for this headgear and don't regret it at all (i was told the prices are going to go up a bit starting April). I know the price is a little steep but if its within your reach, SAVE YOUR MONEY and buy the fg2900, dont skimp on protection!! your dome will thank you later....

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*i got the photo from another forum but its the exact one i got
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