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Originally Posted by michel View Post
how thick is the forehead and the cheeks? just curious cause we are trying to make a new headgear that will match these puddies on safety.

Sneak peek at our new silverback headgear

on our prototype i was able to get ~1.7inch on the forehead and 1.5 on the cheeks without sacrificing visibility just curious how those numbers match up with the 2900

we sent our original 2900 to our manufacturer, and the counter sample wasn't not even the same but gave us the idea on how to do our silverback

that sounds really cool i wish it would have come along sooner. alot of people cant afford the high price so there really should be an alternative. i cant find a ruler at the moment but using one inch tape roll as a reference it looks about 1.6-1.7 on the forehead and 1 inch on the cheeks with the raised edge of the cheeks thats by the nose at about 1.3.

i just saw the photos on your site and they look good, looks really padded and i like the fact that they have the chin padding and the padding at the back of the head which i wish the winning headgear had. to help you make a better headgear though (im pretty sure you already got this covered), one of the things i like about the 2900 and that ive been searching for is that its padded and firm yet really SOFT. ive tried the title gel headgear and it was shockabsorbing but it was stiff on the face so it still hurt alot. the winning headgear INNER foam kind of comforms to your face its soft and kind of squishy like memmory foam. the outer foam is a bit firmer. i suggest you dont make something that is really padded but still stiff. you really should try to make it as soft as possible or add an extra layer of EXTRA soft yet durable shock absorbing foam to the inside of what you already have. i also like that the inside of the headgear is smooth and not suede. the suede on the inside of my everlast competition headgear itches alot and gives me pimples since it gets dirty. the smooth inside of the 2900 feels nice against your face and is easy to clean disinfect. but this is a matter of personal preference because some people like that the suede gives it a better grip on your face maybe put up a poll on your site?. good luck ill be checking your site for updates.
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