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St. Brett
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Well, Kessler fought Anthony Mundine here in Oz a couple years ago and he beat him easily on the night on the scorecards.
What was scary was Kessler's frank admission that he was only 60% fit that night then in his next fight against Markus Beyer he absolutely slaughtered him quick smart.

I see Calzage is fighting this fight in his home town again.
What did he leave once, for a fight in America then quickly went back home to the safety of his corner again?
It was a quick stint in the states and his style of fighting didn't suit the U.S. viewers for them to want to see him anymore.

Why does he fight 95% of his fights at home?

Prove to the world you're a world fighter and not a home boy.

Calzage's fight against that contender fella Peter Manfredo Jr was sloppy.
He threw punches in bunches that didn't really have any effect.
I think he's aging a little too and he's sloppy at times.

I'm talking knocked out, people.

Kessler will KO Calzage!

The guy's sloppy and he has no beef behind his knock out punch.
Already he's looking to a decision.....I think Kessler has other idea's and will catch him by surprise and knock his ass into the future.
Calzage is at the end of his career isn't he? He looks tired to me and looks ready to fall at any moment.
I think he'll retire no matter what the result of the Kessler fight.
And there's no way Joe will get inside Kessler.

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