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question regarding training and metabolism

Hi, im new to the forum and to boxing. I just had my 4th class and would like some advice. Most of the class my heart rate is up, im sweating im getting a great work out, then i get to the speed bag. SInce im new to the speed bag, i suck at it. The coach wants me to just focus on hitting it right and keeping it moving and not worry about putting alot of speed and power behind it yet. I feel that my work out slows down there and it feels more like a break for 5 rounds.. Now i realize that i have to start off slow and learn it, but do i still burn calories while learning the speed bag and doing it slowly??

Doe the more aneorbic(spelling, im not sure how its spelled) burn calories? activities like the heavy bag and double end bag?

Like i stated in my introductory post in general forum, im doing this for a few reasons. Namely to loose weight and get into shape, and to learn a great martial art.
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