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Thank you for the advice TCM. Ya i do trust him, he is a great guy with TONS of experiance. I just completed my 5th session and my arms are sore already... I did not know that your heart rate dosnt have to be up to burn calories, that makes me feel alot better. On a good note, im starting lil by lil to get the speed bag. I still fark it up, but im starting to get it. When im in full rythm and its just going and going it sounds and feels great. Of course about 15 secs after i realize im thinking about it, i fark up LOL and have to start over.

About metabalism, seeing as i used to be very sedentary, how will this affect my metabalism? I would imagine, that after a year or so my base line metabolic burn rate would be higher then it is currently, or is it something that goes up with excersize and then back down to low lvls? The reason i ask, is my Brother in law, is a huge excersizer and he just burns fat just doing nothing his metabolism is so high... Will mine get higher and stay there some day?
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