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  1. 9/15/2018 That's not right...
  2. Curtis the coward Harper
  3. Garcia vs Easter 7/28/2018
  4. Penis
  5. Fukk The Gestapo
  6. Which level of cuntyness were Shane and Lance?
  7. Best site for boxing downloads -
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  112. Former British Prime Minister
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  118. There is tango night at the Landmark
  119. Instead of politics and religion
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  123. It's gonna be great to watch so let's get clear tonight!
  124. Wheels of van should be checked while travelling in Caravan
  125. Rust on Caravan
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  128. A long-stay away from your house
  129. Image Consultants - How They Can Give You a Fresh New Look
  130. Easy Ways to Find Hotel Accommodation - Melbourne
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  133. Items from a caravan store
  134. The White-colored Trolley River
  135. Create a globe of difference
  136. A glance on the creative information
  137. Caravan recreational areas
  138. Glasgow is well known for its social, social and innovative landscape
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  143. Which one is your favorite movie from the list?
  144. Hire a Budget Hotel and Enjoy the Scenic Beauty of Melbourne
  145. Dumpy old van
  146. Glasgow beachfront is Glasgow Technology Centre
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  149. Disadvantages Computer Repairs By Private Masters.
  150. Farming Tractor
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  153. hey yo mega.....check in, man
  154. How much reach is a big advantage ?
  155. Americans are some of the dumbest people in the world.
  156. Joabbuac
  157. A vote for President Obama is a vote to continue Bush policies.
  158. Did the Democrat Administration handle Benghazi Terrorist Attack properly?
  159. Just Proving a Point
  160. The 99% Halloween: Redistributing candy to make an anti-tax argument
  161. Facebook Censors Navy SEALS to Protect President Obama on Benghazi
  162. The Bush Family
  163. Tolerant Obama Supporters threaten to Riot if President Obama does not win
  164. Comedian Paul Rodriguez Slams Eva Longoria, Rosie Perez for 'Mean-Spirited' Romney Co
  165. Anyone else find Miley Cyrus new look to be hot?
  166. If you're a female, do the world a favor and knock the **** out of Eva Longeria's
  167. Homeless man helps deliver baby, a Hero!
  168. NewsBusted
  169. Girl Starts Twitching Badly After Getting Hit With A Crowbar At A Local Video Shoot I
  170. We've had 12 years of George Bush, don't make it 16.
  171. FBI Arrests Would-Be Terrorist In Alleged Plot To Bomb NY Fed
  172. Anonymous failed, pin-pointed wrong person says Police. Anonymous does more Harm than
  173. Female Witness says she witnessed the woman spitting on the Bus Driver
  174. Bus Driver harasses student for supporting Mitt Romney
  175. Not only did that woman spit on that Bus Driver she spat on a Veteran.
  176. Lets start a petition to get FOXNEWS and MSNBC off the networks!
  177. Fox News makes that lady who got uppercutted look like the VICTIM!
  178. Some morons in America think they're entitled to free ****, even free houses!!!
  179. Bus Driver Uppercuts woman in video (And I don't think he should be fired)
  180. Report: Beyonce Drops Out of Clint Eastwood Film
  181. Steve Wynn On President Obama - I'll Be Damned If I Want To Have Him Lecture Me!
  182. News update: CM Punk apologizes
  183. Racists being exposed on Twitter
  184. Dumb ass fake Wrestler attacks wrong person like that cop did
  185. Old video Russian Student beats the **** out of his teacher? Real or Fake?
  186. Celebrities giving back to the community
  187. Minority Univ. of Texas Students Hit by Bleach Balloons
  188. Jake Evans 911 Call, idiot murdered his mother and sister
  189. MSNBC's Ed Schultz, Michael Eric Dyson Pull Race Card to Explain Weak Obama Debate
  190. Cali Couple Suffers Death Threats & Vandalism Over Romney Sign
  191. These are the type of teachers who should be fired, those who harass their students
  192. News update: Arrest has been made by Criminal who sucker punched 54 year old driver
  193. Coward Sucker punches a 54 year old bus driver for doing his job
  194. News channels are biased, unbiased (I did not write this article)
  195. Romney Lacy'd Obama. Upset of the year most didn't expect?
  196. News update: Cop will be fired for punching Innocent 39 year old woman in the face
  197. Aroused by Rousey? Her nude body's a bit muscular...
  198. MSNBC and FOXNEWS the worst channel to get politics from?
  199. Should gay people be allowed to marry? I say no!
  200. Cop will get away with police brutality attacking innocent small woman!!!
  201. Skateboarder slams into deer at 65km/h
  202. Alexandra Pelosi exposes Obama Bucks and lazy people
  203. TSA Agent blames his wife for stolen IPAD
  204. Man kills masked teen, learns it's his son
  205. Fox shows someone committing suicide on tv
  206. Dennis Miller and Jay Leno Talk About Obama, Romney, and Clueless Idiots
  207. Obama gave us a PHONE doe!
  208. When Cops stereotype black people as the only ones who carry guns
  209. New episode of south park
  210. France likes pedos, they like that a teacher abducted a 15 year old child
  211. Blown call, Greg Jennings makes an interception and gets jobbed by the officials
  212. Ulster Covenant 1912
  213. Mystery of the Obama yard-sign destruction caper is solved
  214. Mitt Rommey another warmongering American
  215. Moron wannabe Hippy thinks its legal for him to use a camera in a courthouse
  216. Man lost at sea says shark saved him
  217. Tattoo your eyeball? What, to impress Sarah Palin?
  218. By the way
  219. Christopher Columbus wasnt the first whiteman to discover the America's Vikings did
  220. Loser harasses a 97 year old man for his role in the holocaust.
  221. Obama a classless moron, he is worse than Carter ever was
  222. A picture believed to be for the U.S. Ambassador in #Libya after he was killed last n
  223. Scots-Irish( Ulsterscots ) In the USA
  224. Great Moments in Democrat Racist History - FDR
  225. fidel castro che guevara and the cuban revolution
  226. Kray twins and Charlie!!
  227. Taxpayers will make Creepy Murderer into Ugly woman
  228. Obama and Mitt Romney long-lost brothers, share same blood-lines
  229. Hodgetwin Bitches "If you don't like em, don't watch'em" Dildo Embarrassment Fuels
  230. Did Hitler know that he had Jewish and African blood-lines?
  231. Joe Wilson's "You Lie" outburst was correct. Illegals are getting tax payer funds.
  232. LAPD abuses their powers again... Another Rodney King incident
  233. What is your favorite video game/games of all time?
  234. What browser are you using?
  235. Celebrities who are registered Republicans that you probably didn't know they were
  236. Are Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien the only well known-tv comedians?
  237. How do you punch someone that cleanly and not knock them out?
  238. Superman bulge in his costume?
  239. Einstein Proves God Exists
  240. Are Bill O'Reilly and Jon Stewart both nutjobs?
  241. Do adults that are able to work that are on Welfare do any types of jobs to pay back
  242. EA sports sells a broken game to Vita owners(I played the demo of it and it was bad)
  243. Do most Americans know what European country there family's are from?
  244. What are your views on pornographic material? Is it evil to some extent?
  245. Don't know if its my tv provider or just crappy NFL cameras
  246. Robert Pattinson on Jimmy Kimmel
  247. Woman who ruined Spanish fresco 'had permission' from priest
  248. Top recruit collapses in court after receiving three-year prison sentence
  249. Why are morons allowed to walk around with MP5 guns out in the open?
  250. Everybody Give It Up To The New Admin Joabbaucc

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