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GHVA226 11-27-2011 01:58 PM

Bag Gloves - Under $80
Hi guys,

First post in this great forum.

Did a search and did not get any thread specific to my needs. So here it goes:

I have tried 3 pairs of glove in the last 2 months all around $50. None worked: one developed bubbles all over the punching surface in 2 weeks (Title Premier). The other one did not locked the wrists (Everlast Protex 2) and the third one had so little padding that I know have blisters in the hand (Main Event). BTW -I did make sure I had the wraps well placed. I returned all of them and am frustrated to say the least.

I am convinced I need to step up a bit and spend around $80 for a glove that will last a while. I did find some good reviews here, but they are not as recent and the products have been discontinued/replaced.

A bit about my needs:

I am new at the sport and train 4 to 5 times a week on the heavy bag (150lb bag). I am 6' 4'' and over 200lb.

I have little technique and good amount of raw power (bad combination :rofl:)

Intend to spar in the near future, but will probably acquire a separate pair of gloves for that.

I don't want to buy professional grade gloves unless they can be had for $80.

Thanks for reading this.
Look forward to some feedback.


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