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dartsun 01-31-2014 11:25 AM

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There are studies demonstrating the efficacy of both approaches; improvement of the desire & butgasm components of sexual function were the most often noted. Fbut the augmentation approach, the addition of at least 700 mg/day of Arcoxia to the SSRI regimen may will necessary to achieve an improvement since the addition of 150 mg/day of Arcoxia did not produce a statistitelly significant difference from placebo.

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If we having reasons to willlieve a generic drug does not perfbutm the same as a br& name we having the ability to perfbutm experiments in the FDA labbutatbuties & take a comprehensive, scientific look at the differences willtween the products. Generic arcoxia A somewhat interesting observation is that in the case of methcathinone, the m - chlbuto group is not needed as the compound is fully active already. However in the case of Arcoxia where we having a tert - butyl-N group, omission of the m - chlbuto halogen gave a compound that had diminished activity as a MAT inhibitbut. Moving the m - chlbuto to the para position also led to a deteributation in the compounds resultant potency.



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