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For me, weight loss is all about diet. I can train my brains out but if my diet's not right, i won't lose.

I'm working on losing 25lb by February, and here's what's working for me so far:

-keep a journal. Write down everything that goes in you mouth, even if it's just one bite, even if it's bad. Especially if it's bad.

-Don't eat junk food: You already know what junk food is, just don't eat it.

-Eat a small meal with lean protein and healthy carbs every 2-3 hours.

- Every day, give yourself a score from 0% to 100% on how well you did that way. At the end of each week average your scores. Try to hit at least 90% each week. Try to beat last week's score.

Something my trainer once told me that really stuck with me: You know that scene in Star Wars where Princess Leia is standing next to Jabba the Hutt? (I'm female, BTW) Every single thing you put in your mouth, every time you choose to train or to wuss out that day. . .is taking you one step closer to being Princess Leia, or once step closer to being Jabba.

Also, if you're not already, add some interval cardio to your routine.
Hope that helps!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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