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alot of people claim mayweather is fighting nobodies..which is stupid..when judah is on his game other then mayweather who can beat judah? if you watch the baldomir/judah fight again judah actually won that fight..he won the first 6 and the last 3..hatton looked like crap vs collazo and collazo isnt good both of them i dont see beating judah..cotto maybe cotto vs judah is a good fight..margarito judah would be a war..but other then cotto and margarito i dont see anybody else beating judah

Jeez I dont know if I have enough room for all of them.

Anyone can beat him on any givin night its Boxing.

But here is a list that I think would probably beat him (nothings for sure)

147 Margarito, Baldomir, Williams, Quintanna, Clottey Maybe Hatton & Cintron. Julio after a little more seasoning.

I dont know if he can get down to 140 anymore.
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