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5th metacarpal "injury"

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Hey all. I'm fairly positive that most if not all of you have heard of the infamous boxer's fracture or boxer's break. If not, it's the breaking of the neck of the 5th metacarpal of the hand (the joint at the base of the pinky). What I have isn't exactly that. The thing is, I've always punched the same way and never had a problem.

Recently, as in weeks ago, I started getting a little soreness in that area. It got worse to the point that I had to quit one time. Took a day off, went in the following and I was fine. Now however, I can't seem to get rid of the pain. It has even moved to the base of the 4th metacarpal (ring finger joint). It's not least not badly if it is because I can still use it and only hurts when I punch mitts or squeeze the joint.

I can hit the heavy bag with or without gloves and it doesn't hurt at all, but when hitting the mitts, it's immediate pain. Any ideas? Thanks guys, I'ma get an x-ray nonetheless, but just want to see what y'all think.
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The Pads are for accuracy not power the punching bag should be harder than the Pads when hitting your fist so i suggest you check padding on the pads or who ever is training you to not do the pads so hard cause thats what it looks like. Take 2 days off and see if its still the same after that then check with a doctor about the problem.
I already took 4 days off and it went away until I started hitting again.
definitely get it xrayed. Could just be a pinched nerve and the angle of your punches is different because your aiming at targets placed by the trainer, not by yourself(hitting the bags)
But you never know, it coul d be a fracture or sprain.
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