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Man it all depends on what are your goals

If you wanna grow and gain weight you should focus on calorie food and alot of protein..And then doing alot of weight training
If you wanna get thick muscles or muscular definition then youn should focus on high protein/low carb, weight training and aerobic like running.

As for a routine, I guess its basically about the same, I get a good lunch, I eat every 2/3 hours at least and some before going to the gym work out. The only thing I control is the nutrients, I mean I always get protein, fat, and carb in my meals. The training I do is basically all weight training, I dont do aerobic because my methabolism is very acelerated so I lose more weight than normal ppl and if I dont exercise I dont gain weight - its good and bad at the same time - Ill never get fat but I can lose weight very fast
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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