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The state of Texas was known for its several laws, which were full of loopholes. Unscrupulous lawyers often tried to make a fast buck by filing malicious lawsuits often using the loopholes in the law. Laws, which were framed by lawmakers more than a century ago, are still being followed in the antiquated court system in Texas.

A prime reason for the decline in honesty and integrity in the judiciary was because of the fact that the race to the judicial post came to be funded by the business and the political class. Thus when a candidate won the selection and became a judge, he became duty bound to assist those who had doled out generous funds to help him get through the process.

A renowned watchdog, the ‘Texans for Lawsuit Reform (TLR), was instrumental in initiating a wide debate on the need for honesty and integrity in the judiciary. The untiring efforts of this watchdog helped in fomenting a debate on the various aspects involved in streamlining the Texas court system.

A key factor that was recently highlighted is that the lure of the high paying technological jobs is attracting more people to that avenue and the judiciary is not able to attract well qualified people. The TLR gave a renewed call to youngsters on the need to take up this challenging career, take informed decisions and clean up the mess created by the unscrupulous lawyers in the past. This watchdog and its founder Richard Weekley, has been instrumental in exposing the unholy nexus between the business class and the politicians. Lately it has succeeded in literally rewriting the rules governing juror selection and juror service.
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