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Alex Arthur

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alex arthur has a fight tonight on itv1. Saturday 4th november
I have not seen him fight but have heard he's a good fighter. What do you think about him and what is your prediction on tonights fight.
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i for one have seen all amazing alex arthurs fights to date and let me tell you guy's he is a great boxer with good hand speed and concusive power, alex is absolutley massive at the weight he maybe weighed about 140 pounds last night at the 130 limit, if this guy hits barrera or pac he'll send them out the ring into the back row he's just to big for these guy's.
i watched alex last night and was impressed. He hits hard and showed good skills. I wouldnt say he would KO pac man or barrera because i think they are in a different class like barry mcguigan was trying to say in the afterfight interview. I dont think he could KO them either
i go with what barry was saying this guy is the real deal and the best fighter at 130 in the world, pac,marco and erik are not naturals at the weight where alex is absolutly massive wait till next year he beats allcomers.

hey tyson where u from.
The UK. I love most british fighters. Ricky Hatton is my favourite boxer today and i think joe calzaghe desserves so much more respect than what he is geting. Like i said Arthur looked good in his latest fight but size doesnt always mean everthing.
tommy gun do you like calzaghe because i hate all these people saying joe hasnt fought nobody. I think these people should just have a look on boxrec. His record is outstanding. 41 fights 41 wins 31 KOs. It dont get much better.
i rate joe as p4p #1 and have thought he's the best in the world before he beat lacy.

i think i was the only guy who tipped joe to do a number on lacy the way he did.

by the way hattons also my fav fighter, i think he stops floyd in 10.
good calzaghe is a great boxer and i thought he would beat lacy before all the hype but what he done wasa special
when you look at the guy's joe's been in with id say eubank hit harder than lacy and brewer hit just as hard aswell, i wasn't worried about joe being ko'd because he proved his chin was granite when lacy was still a punk ass kid, i did think however lacy was technicaly beter than he showed though.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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