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Who would win

Ali vs L. Lewis

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Ali vs Lennox Lewis prime vs prime taking place at the MGM Grand in Vegas. For the HW Championship of the world.

Who would win and how???
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Lennox lewis can be compared to sonny liston and look what happened to him lol.
I think ali had two primes 1964-67 1973-76 The young dancing ali runs rings around lewis all night long taking a wide UD on the cards
The slower ( but still quick for a heavyweight) footed fast handed more experienced ali of the 70s takes lewis out about round 11/12
Say what? lol Lewis and Liston have absolutely nothing in common.
Both had the same Ko percentage being 72%, Both had the same reach 84" both had excellent jabs I didnt say they had the excatly the same style i just said they can be compared and thats why lol :D
KO% and reach don't mean squat. These fighters have nothing in common, it's just a bad comparison period.
the kos percentage and reach and jab is what they have in common lol, Weather their alike or not doesnt matter the thread is who wins ali vs lewis and ali wins
Styles make fights, and it's a silly comparison. Two completely different sides of boxing.
ok fair enough bad comparison my result stays the same Ali for the win :D
1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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