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Ali vs. Tyson who wins?

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Me and a couple of my buddies were arguing the other day about who would win in their prime, Mohammad Ali or Mike Tyson. I know there are alot of factors involved, and it was a different time period.

Here is a link to an article that I wrote about this fight, and how I think it would go down. I am not a spammer, I am really interested in what all of you true boxing fans think!

- Zazen Life

check it out and please comment with who you think would win.

I personally believe Ali would win due to his pyscological style, and obviously his talent, but dont forget about Tysons power..
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close call but Ali wins on points.As much as I like Ali thought his slanging off was unnecessary in some of his pre fight talks eg Foreman "hes so ugly" for me you don't put people down like that.Respect the fighter and talk a good fight but don't slag others off on the basis on something superficial as looks.Similarly I cant completely respect Ali as a true champion considering some of the adultery he was meant to have committed(Rocky Marciano is another one).

A true champion for me should be clean living sadly Ali didn't quite live up to this
And your DP is a wife beater ^^^
good one!

Ricky in my ideal world i want 'The Champ' to be this perfect person, clean living, chartitable, good to his family, friends and fans, however life cannot always be like that.

I follow and enjoy boxing for what happens in the squared circle, i respect the fighters for their ring exploits, everything else is secondary, same way as i enjoy certain music but do not like the musicians lifestyle/behaviour off stage.

Alis nicknames for opponents were at best schoolyard banter

Liston = the bear
Frazier = the gorilla
Foreman = the mummy
Shavers= the acorn
Holmes = the peanut
Patterson = the rabbit.

Any fighter getting upset at being given a nickname, which was in a way was a publicity tool, should not be in the ring, a name will not hurt you, it is the punches from the 220+ pounds of muscle in front of them that hurts.

Boxing Champions are human, with human frailties but they are Boxing Champions because in the boxing ring they have less boxing frailties than any of their opponents.
fair points but the reason why character is so key (as well as sporting success) is it is the fundamentals on which every human being should aspire to.Indeed Ali has mentioned it in his book as well about the philosophies of life which he learnt through others over the course of his life in "the soul of a butterfly" .
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