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Amares slur? ***-geddabout it

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Oh how SENSITIVE. Oooh, the F-word, the N-word, the C-word the K-word the B-word. FFS, enough already.

Amare Stoudemire tweets anti-gay slur to fan, NBA will review -

"New York Knick star Amare Stoudemire reportedly tweeted an anti-gay slur at a fan who had sent him a tweet.

The fan, whose twitter handle is @BFerrelli, tweeted to Stoudemire: "You better come back stronger and quicker to make up for last season." The tweet also had an obscenity at the end of the sentence.

Stoudemire then apparently sent a direct message to @BFerrelli, which included a gay slur and foul language. The fan took a screen capture of the message and tweeted it out for his followers to see. Numerous websites picked up on the incident and reposted the tweet."

Really? An a'hole can write unsolicited obscene zhit to somebody, and they shouldn't answer back? What amare wrote back was, and I hope the asterisk brigade here doesn't get involved: “Feck you. I don't have to do any thing feggot”

What did he mean by that last word? Is this jerk Ferrilli openly gay? To me, he's simply using that word to stand for GUTLESS WIMP. For somebody LESS THAN A MAN. For somebody who is a COWARD.

Sure, he could've tweeted, GUTLESS WIMP LESS THAN A MAN COWARD. But Feggot is succinct.

Why throw out a well known slang word when it does have more than one meaning? Why try to ban it? What if Amare had said, "I don't have to do anything, you EFFEMINATE FOOL?"

Oooh, ooh, he's saying something derogatory about effeminate men, and being effeminate? "Nothing wrong with that." Except that it's a very, very annoying affectation often used deliberately to irritate straight people.

Amare apologized quickly, taking the high road. I'd take a high jump and slam a basketball on Ferrelli's head.
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