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Bakri slur on boxer Amir


Published: Today

EXILED hate preacher Omar Bakri Mohammed sparked outrage last night by branding boxing hero Amir Khan an “ignorant deviant”.

Bakri, 49, also said devout Muslim Amir was a BAD role model for youngsters because he drapes himself in the Union flag.

Pals of proud Brit Amir, 21, said he was “shocked and hurt” by the rant.

And warped cleric Bakri was last night challenged to repeat his slur on Amir — face to face in a BOXING RING.

The dare was issued by an MP after Bakri branded Amir a “deviant” for brandishing the Union flag in the ring.

The exiled Muslim fanatic said the actions of the Bolton-born boxer, a proud Briton AND a devout Muslim, were those of a kuffar — a non-believer.

And he called 21-year-old Amir “jahil,” meaning ignorant.

Last night Tory Andrew Rosindell, an outspoken MP on terrorist issues, said: “I’d love to see the two of them slugging it out.

“I’ll be cheering for Amir. What Bakri said is appalling.”

Mr Rosindell added: “A sportsman represents his country. He is British first and Muslim second — and can be both. Amir is a positive role model to the young. Bakri is an unsavoury character whose words should be discounted.”

The rant by 49-year-old Bakri — exiled in Lebanon after being kicked out of Britain — came in an internet exchange with other extremists.

Asked if Amir was setting a bad example by draping himself in the flag, he replied: “I don’t think somebody should really look to Amir Khan as a good example for the youth.

“So now for him to be wrapping himself in British flag is another sign of somebody who is completely jahil. You give him the excuse of ignorance for living among the kuffar. So you can’t call him kuffar but you can call him jahil and deviant person.”

Bakri went on to blast Amir for representing Britain at the 2004 Olympics, where he won a silver medal.

Last night he went even further when he talked to The Sun from his hideaway in Beirut — attacking Amir for having a Union flag on his shorts.

He said: “Amir Khan is not a good example for Muslims. He wears shorts with the Union Jack. That is a sin.

“He should not be wearing the flag because sovereignty is for God. His only allegiance should be to the Prophet Mohammed.

“The ideal situation would be to have a Muslim team not registered to any state so he can represent the Islamic community.”

Amir, whose dad hails from Pakistan, famously spoke out against the 7/7 suicide bombers who killed 52 in London.

The world title hopeful has also pumped £1million into helping to mend broken Britain.

He set up the Gloves Community Centre gym in Bolton to get teenagers off the streets.

Last night a pal of the boxer said: “Bakri’s rants are shocking and will hurt Amir. He has spent his career trying to better the lives of young people and he is a proud Muslim. He stands for all that is right and Bakri for all that is wrong.”

WHAT do you think? Email your views to [email protected] — or join the debate over Bakri's insults at My Sun below.
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I sincerly doubt, that Bakri fellow would call Khan a deviant to his face.:rolleyes:

As a proud muslim, I pick Khan over Bakri in a heartbeat. Omar Bakri is the same man who begged England to get him out of Lebannon after he was exiled for some of the extremist BS he's been spitting. I hope he never comes back.

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Why shouldnt he have the British flag on his shorts? I believe he also has the Pakistani flag on the other side, and he is a British Muslim so i dont see the issue.
I don't either

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Amir was born in this country, what is this jokers problem? :laugh:

Sounds to me like he thinks all young muslims should be suicide bombers. :rolleyes:
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