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As most of you will know I'm a Cricket mad person, and watching the Test Match yesterday got me thinking. In 2001, Cricket introduced a new system called Hawkeye:

This has helped the viewer significantly when analyzing a period of play. Five years later, in 2006, Tennis introduced the system at Grand Slams and at some other events.

Now in Tennis matches players can "challenge" an umpires decision by using Hawk-Eye.

Last year, Cricket introduced another innovation - HotSpot. This is an infrared imaging system that can determine whether a ball has hit the batsman's bat, pad or both. Again the technology has helped the viewer understand an umpiring decision and why something was or was not given out:

Then this got me thinking about Compubox. Everyone knows it has flaws, and isn't always entirely accurate. My question is: could this infrared system ever be used in boxing? I think it would significantly improve the accuracy of the final PunchStat numbers. And could stop a number of complaints about the Compubox system. What do you guys think? Could it ever be used?
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