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And The New HW Champ Of The World

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With the back injury suffered by WBC heavyweight champion Oleg Maskaev putting him out of action for at least for the next 3 or 4 months according to his lawyer, the WBC Board of Governors has voted to name Samuel Peter as the WBC heavyweight interim world champion. Peter will be presented with the WBC interim belt in the coming days. Promoter Don King is still hoping to salvage the October 6 card in New York City, but will need to find a suitable opponent for Peter and get the WBC, Madison Square Garden and the premium network to buy off on the new foe. In any event, one Maskaev comes back, the WBC will order a mandatory bout for the undisputed WBC title with a purse split of 55% for Maskaev and 45% for Peter, subject to change by the WBC. If Maskaev doesn't come back within one year, Peter will be named full champion.
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Sensible move. I reckon sam Peter is the new Sonny Liston. But I hope he finishes better than old stone face.
And the new HW champion is....Who gives a F#@K!

Speaking of....What large athletic guy in his right mind would want to go through the suffering of training, get beat up, struggle for years to MAYBE get a shot when he can sign a huge contract playing professional football, baseball, or basketball before he does anything. There's your problem right there.
If people would put some attention into the HW division maybe it'll brighten up. Maybe we could get a real undisputed HW champ. Instead of 5 champs not trying to fight each other.
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