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Firt of all I want, to say HI :D I'm new on this forum, and on the beginning You should to know, that my english is very poor :) I'll try to write correct. Promise!

The subject is about Gołota, so I (as pole) belive, that Andrew will back on the top. I know, he is old, but he is still good.
It's pity, becouse Gołota could be great champion years ago. When i see fighters like Byrd, Ruiz or Walujew i feel shame. If Gołota could fight with them 10 years ago, he will smash them.
But Gołota was more concentrated on russian's mafia than his fights. For me really mystery is duel with Tyson. Who broken his jawbone? Why he left ring - the fight was on drawn. To many questions.
But people from Poland belive in Andrew! :D Lewy prosty - polska szkoła boksu! :D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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