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At my gym, everytime there is a major fight, ex. the Manny Pacquiao/Diaz Lightweight title match, Cotto/Gomez defence match, etc., there are more entries to the gym than usual? In fact the day my gym was accepting new entries after the Manny Pacquiao fight there are 17 new members(12 of them were Filipino hah). Funny thing was when my coach told them to get into the stance, they copied something kinda like Pacquiao's stance(not very well of course). My coach eventually said they got it all wrong and all. I was going at the various stations in my gym and since the stations my coach assigned me to for the day were by the new entrants area, they kept staring at me. When I went on the maize bag, speed bag, heavybag and double end and all, most of them seemed to staring back and forth between me and the coach teaching them, and they would often yell things like "YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG," "I can take him," "That guy must be really good," "Hey how much do you weigh?" "I've boxed before," All that, it drives me crazy, hah. Usually during something like that, only 2 of em stay or so after either a week, or sometimes a day for whenever the coach asks whoever wants to take the usual 3 hour course. It happens once every 2-3 months, but I've only been boxing for about 7 months, so I've seen it about 3 times. However, on those days, the gym is completely full, and littered with fat kids, wannabes, and people I like to call "bathroom brawlers" so here are some videos you might like to watch for a laugh/confidence booster from people at my school who join for a day.
YouTube - sonny vs frankie
YouTube - Lil J vs Shadow
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