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You were right about Jack Palance and Mickey Rourke, as well as Robert Conrad having been fighters as well as actors.

Victor McLaglen was born in England in either 1883 or 1886 and died in 1959. His film career lasted from 1920 through 1958. After the advent of sound, he became what was known as a "character actor", playing tough guys. For his 1935 role in The Informer, he won the Academy Award for Best
Actor. He also co-starred with John Wayne in the films She Wore A Yellow Ribbon, Fort Apache, and perhaps most memorably, in The Quiet Man. In the latter, he and Wayne, who plays an ex-fighter, have a long fistfight near the end of the film with the townsfolk watching.

Prior to his acting career, McLaglen boxed as a heavyweight under the name Sharkey McLaglen. That was from 1908 through 1920. In March of
1909, in his first match after winning the heavyweight title, Jack Johnson went six rounds with McLaglen in an exhibition bout. McLaglen's career record was ten wins, six losses, and one draw.

Bob Hope I thought was a prizefighter. But he was only an amateur fighter, briefly, as Packy East.

Jack Palance, according to Movie News, that you can access over Google, won fifteen of sixteen fights, as a heavyweight.
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