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What do you all think of this boxer? Bronze Medalist at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta. Turned Pro at 28... a relatively late age... but a fantastic latecomer. Arguably the greatest latecomer in Professional Boxing. Some of you don't think much of him... I bet a large majority of you made fun of him when 41 year old and seeminly past it Bernard Hopkins... in only his 2nd outing as a Light-Heavyweight (his first being his Pro Debut way back in 1988 on October 11... which he lost) beat him convincingly by unanimous decision! However... Antonio Tarver did something before that which not many people can do... he kicked the ass of Roy Jones Jr. He didn't do so once... but twice! He knocked him the f$ck out as well! Keep in mind that not only did he have a lot less experience than Jones Jr. but he was also older! Not bad... so... I quite like Antonio Tarver. What do you think of him? He is 38 now... will he get a rematch with Bernard Hopkins (and actually take it seriously)??? :D
PS - Go and see Rocky Balboa NOW!!!
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