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White Tyson said:
Brian Nielsen

James Toney (heavyweight)

Tony Galento

Francois Botha

George Foreman (when he made his comeback)

Eric "Butterbean" Esch (whether or not he actually counts I do not know)

Just to name a few! I look at them and think "GEE... can they go the distance?" Some of their look somewhat obese, others chubby, flabby... so and so forth! Yet... they do a pretty good job through my eyes! What I'd like to know it this... are boxers such as these "FIT"? Wouldn't you have to be fitter as a professional boxer? If you could call these boxers something... what would it be? I just thought that this would be interesting to talk about!!!
Well, I began to learn a long time ago, that you can't judge how tough a person is by how they look?

When I was boxing amatuer in the late 1960's as middleweight at the time and had finally moved up from fighting in the novice ranks to be an open-class fighter. I had started thinking I was pretty tough.

Then one day, I got a new sparring partner in the gym who was an old guy that didn't look like much, or that could do much and he gave me a real hard time. That's when my real education started that looks are deceiving as for how tough a person is.

I'd found also that there are were guys who had chiseled bodies ... and who look really tough, and appeared to be in really great shape and well-conditioned that weren't any where near as physically fit as they looked.

Looks are deceiving, as for how tough a person is and also as for how physically fit a person is.

Also it should be realized that fighting ... boxing, isn't all about power and speed, but skill.


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As for the example of George Foreman, I'm glad somebody mentioned this! It touches on what I was talking about when I mentioned that fighting ... boxing is not all bout power and speed, but skill (strategy, focus, and to out think your opponent).

Take youth for example, that's a tool, and that is good.

What often and usually happens say for example, but less in the pro's ... that is, back at the time especially when there was more talent in the sport than today in boxing, and there as more interest in the sport than now. It wasn't uncommon for fighters when they are still novices before they gain more experience to think like many fans tend to think that fighting is all about .. power and speed.

Power and speed is good, however. Power and speed is not what fighting ... boxing is all about! And many people think that's what it's all about! But it is NOT!

It's skill!

Take for example, Rocky Marciano .... the reason I mention him, is because we've been talking alot about Marciano on other threads and discussion.

Take Marciano for instance, when many fans talk about him they like to point out the obvious about him ... his power and stamina, also speed for a heavyweight.

Yet miss the not so obvious about him that really made him such a great fighter ... skill.

Yeah, Marciano was a tough guy, alright. I mean a REALLY tough guy! But more than just that he was clever and a smart fighter. He had skill.

Many people don't realize it, but Marciano was a really good defensive fighter. He had more than just the punch, and great stamina. He had skill.

For example, fans watching Marciano fight got the impression he was a really tough guy, he was but he was also a very clever and smart fighter than so few may not have ever really realized.

Marciano was not really as easy to reach with punches as many thought he was ... ask someone who fought him, and they will tell you he wasn't really all that easy to reach with punches despite his style of bulling his opponents and never backing up.

For example, Marciano had his own technique with his leg, in using his leg in way ... that it looked like he was standing still, but he was actually sliding away from punches.

What is that?

That's skill!

Just curious as to how many people had ever noticed that about Marciano who had ever see him fight in his day, or in watching his fight tapes?

Not too many I think and I didn't either.

It had been Angelo Dundee ... who had brought that to my attention ... not personally, but in having read some things he said ... about the time Muhammed Ali ... and Maricano worked togather in the ring ... in the making of the Marciano-Ali computer fight. Dundee ... who had been Ali's manager and trainer and was also there.

Dundee talked a little about how Ali ... had a hard time reaching Marciano with a jab .. despite the style Marciano fought ... of bulling his opponent and never backing up. And Ali .. said that Marciano ... was really alot harder to harder to hit than he had thought he would be.

Well, what is that?

That's skill!

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