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At The End Of Their Careers Who Will Be Known As The Better Boxer. PBF or RJJ

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Thats A tough one. I cant even say right now. What are your thoughts?
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you cant realy say just now floyd has yet to have a defineing name on his record, oscsar, ssm or hatton.

the way things stand just now i would say rjj by a street.
Well Floyd has a very good list of names on his resume. maybe more notible names than Roy.
PF would probably be recognized as the better boxer. but floyd aint done yet so we got to see his climax to his tale.
we also have to wait and see his down fall. Because Roy was ko'd back to back to fighters he should have never lost to. Not only was he ko'd he was losing in the fights when he was stopped.
hell have his down fall we just got to wait and see it. he had hard time the first couple rounds with judah. i think the first two rounds. a southpaw with a good jab and straight left and was giving floyd a hard time. judah did make him go back but judah did not keep using that jab,if so he could have one. but he sucks for doing what he did at the end of the fight.
Well dmedal it looks like your wrong. it looks like the pretty boy's career is over. He said one more fight.
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