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well karen & i got into las vegas thur's afternoon. after checking into our room at the m.g.m. grand, i went straight to the sports-book to check out the odds on the fight!

much to my suprise oscar was at -165 i then said to myself boy the money is coming in on the "pacman" i then talked to an acquaintance of mine that i have known from our previous trips that works in the sports-book, and he said oscar opened up at -210 but the early money has been coming in on pacquiao... due to the fact the philippineo's have come to las vegas early from over-sea's & the states because of the cheaper air-fairs coming in on weekdays instead of the weekend. he also said oscar will be close to -200 by fight time !!so he recomended me to place my bet early friday morning..... so i did, i bet 1,500 to win 1,000 on oscar to win at -150 .... i thought to my self that i made a good bet !!! i just knew oscar was going to win this fight !!!

karen and i went to the weigh-in friday at 3:00 oclock the place was packed ! & the atmosphere was wild. george lopez was the m.c manny weighed in at 142 and oscar at 145

i then went back to the sports-book to check the odds again.... now the odds had jumped up to oscar -190 i was so happy that i made my bet when i got it at -150

we went to the fight... we had two "nosebleed" tickets... the tickets said 500.00 bucks on them, but should of said 50.00 bucks.... ha,ha but they were free from the casino so we said what the heck !!

after the first 3 rounds.... i told karen that oscar looks "old" and i thought i was going to lose my bet. after the 7th round i said "man" i don't even think this is going to go 12 rounds.

after the fight was over we were sad.... but the wife made me smile when she said .....maybe mayweather comes out of retirement and fights the "pacman" in las vegas next year !!! and we will get free tickets again !!! ya maybe.... hehehehe

we bought lots of t-shirts,posters,newspapers from the m.g.m. grand... but when we got home our neighbor matt who we have known for over 12 years and by the way is a philippino and also takes care of our two english bulldogs when we are away on trips wants everything we have that says manny pacquiao on it !! so i don't know how much extra stuff i will be able to give out to you guys on this site. but we will see !


p.s. i did hit a 1.00 slot for 800.00 on thur's night !!


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