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Barrera, morales or pac

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Who will be remembered as the better legend?

Erik Morales
Marco Antonio Barrera
Manny Pacquiao

I have to say Barrera due to the fact he has had the more impressive career even though he got destroyed by pacquiao and lost to morales.

what are your thoughts ???

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#1 Barrera
#2 Morales for the simple fact that they have had better wins against guys in their prime (let be honest pac man got both of these guys on their way out)
#3 Pac man if he keeps up what he has going he could be a hall of fame guy no problem I would hope he would move up in weight soon too.


#3 pacman

mannys biggest wins have come against morales and barrera but both were past there prime by a few year. id say move down for manny to fight rafa marquez at 126 if marquez could move up.
Same as the rest...
Pacquiao (sp?)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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