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Barrera to retire if no Pacquiao rematch.

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Former WBC super featherweight champion, legendary Mexican Marco Antonio Barrera says he will retire if he cant fight Filipino ring idol Manny Pacquiao in a rematch this year.

In an overseas telephone conversation with Viva Sports/Manila Standard Today, Arum who has set aside an October 6 fight date for Pacquiao revealed that he had a number of fighters lined up without any problems , However, Arum revealed “there is a question about Barrera” who has indicated he wants a rematch with Pacquiao to erase the stigma of the eleventh round demolition he suffered in November 2003 in San Antonio, Texas.

Arum who has predicted it would be an exciting fight said Barrera “is insisting that his lawyers will demonstrate he can do the fight” despite the fact that Golden Boy Promotions CEO Richard Schaefer has firmly stated that Barrera is under a promotional contract with Golden Boy. Top Rank and Golden Boy are currently engaged in a sometimes bitter legal battle over who has the promotional rights to Pacquiao.

The legal tussle was sparked after Pacquiao signed a seven-fight deal with Golden Boy despite Arum's claim that there was a specific provision in his fight contract for the third battle with Erik Morales that prohibited him from signing with another promoter. Some two months later Arum signed a four-fight deal with Pacquiao who publicly announced last December in Manila that Arum was his promoter.

According to Arum, Barrera has “offered to talk to the Golden Boy people and tell them that’s the fight (against Pacquiao) that he wants otherwise he will retire.”

The astute 75 year old promoter said he had heard from “all of the possible contenders” and planned to “discuss with Pacquiao exactly who he wants to fight because I am going to produce everybody that I can and leave the decision up to him.”

Arum said that undefeated KO artist WBO champion Edwin Valero who has 22 knockouts in 22 fights “is one of the possibilities” but not necessarily the easiest fight to do. Arum had earlier said a Pacquiao-Valero showdown in Macau would be a tremendous attraction and that a 17,000 seat venue at the Venetian would be available.

He said from his understanding Joan Guzman who injured his hand resulting in the cancellation of his lightweight title fight against Michael Katsidis “is clearly able to do the fight” adding “that’s what they told me” although Golden Boy has said they hold the promotional rights to Guzman.

Arum also mentioned WBC super featherweight No.2 Humberto Soto who he said “can do the fight if he beats Manny’s brother Bobby Pacquiao” in their June 6 clash at New York’s Madison Square Garden.
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Man I used to HATE Barrera because he beat one of my favorites a few years back (Prince Naseem Hamad) now before anyone hates, his style was so different and I liked that about him. I would have liked to see him and PBF in a match when they were both primed well at least the PRINCE anyhow... anyway Barrera has my respect but he's getting up and there, and I think PACMAN would destroy him. He defiantly has heart though and will be a remembered always if he retires.
barrera is probably the best rematch fighter of his time, he's a very,very smart boxer.

i think he won the marquez fight to and i see marco countering pac all night if they fight.
I too had barerra winning against Marquez. IMO Barerra is smart enough and determined enough to beat Pacquiao. My money would be on Barerra.
As much as I like Barrera, i would take Pac. But I don't see this fight happening cuz of Top Rank-GB BS!
EXACTLY. Bob Arum already said he wont deal with GB. But there are rumors that Oscar and Arum are going to have a sit down sometime this week.
If they do, one of them is going to throw a tantrum and walk out.
arum and glodenboy are 2 of the big 3 along with satans spawn, these guys have to deal with each other or there just cutting there nose off to spite there face.

king and goldenboy literaly hate each other but still managed to put on a great show with the oscar v mayorga fight.
yeah, they will eventually negotiate, to much money to be made for both their companies. I see pac winning, especially now that he lost the election and everything and will get roach back in his corner, although i dont htink roach has anything to do with how good manny is, i think roach does have something to do with how well conditioned and focued pac is. I'd go with pac. I think marquez edged out the decision over barrera, although i would of prefered a draw to force a rematch, but pac beats both in my oppinion. YOu can make plans and set up a game plan to beat pacs speed and aggression but its a different story once your in the ring. Oscar found that out.
I understand your points 100% Lance, but I disagree 100%. I think either one of them are capable of beating Pacquiao. I just wish they were younger.
I think Marquez can beat him, but Barrera to lose in a close UD.
Even with Barerra knowing that it is his last fight?
Yea, I think Pac is even better then the last time they fought, but that is why I say close UD. Because I know MAB will give it hell.
I just can't see Barerra going out on an "L".
At this point in his career, I don't think he has a choice. Don't get me wrong, I would like to see him win, just can't see it happening.
hate to see marco lose 2 fights in a row..
i'd like to see Pac-JMM and then Pac-MAB..
I think the time could be right for Barrera, he has to retire either now or after a Pac fight. Too many fighters just take that one fight too many, i dont want MAB to be like that, it will ruin the memory of a true great...
It wont ruin anything for me. Rosslin John. Why not Barerra first (age) and then JMM. If Pacquiao goes through both of them I will give him a thumbs up. But only one.
"Pacquiao seems to be far from worried about his next opponent"

By Dennis Principe

After his failed bid to become a lawmaker, super featherweight superstar Manny Pacquiao now wants to become a lawyer. This plan may also serve as a stern warning to those milking Pacquiao dry of his hard-earned winnings. In a telephone interview, Pacquiao revealed his intention of going back to school to pursue what he said was a childhood ambition. Pacquiao plans to leave on May 28 together with his family and get a much-needed vacation in the United States. The explosive southpaw boxer will be honored as the 2006 Fighter of the Year awardee at a boxing writers dinner on June 8 at the Copacabana in New York. The 28-year-old Pacquiao disclosed his plans of taking up political science in preparation for his bold aspiration.

Pacquiao had countless legal battles here and in the United States and lost considerable amount of money with previous managers, promoters and agents with one-sided, ludicrous deals. The boxing superstar, who recently lost to incumbent South Cotabato Representative Darlene Antonino-Custodio in last weeks elections, got his high school diploma after passing the accreditation and equivalency test last February given by the Department of Education. As soon as the diploma was handed over to him in a press conference at the DepEd office, Pacquiao, who looked like he was in a playful mood, said he will next enter college at the Ateneo de Manila, one of the top universities in the Philippines. The other day, Pacquiao came out with a statement saying that he respects the decision of the people to choose Custodio over him as their congressional representative. Part of that statement was his request to his lady conqueror to provide the needed services for their constituents
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If Pacman isnt 100% focused on boxing then guys like JMM and MAB are going to freaking murder him.

I didnt mean it would ruin my thoughts of Barrera if he fought and lost to Pac, i meant if he took on loads more fights and ended up with 10 losses. That would suck for a guy who has been so good.
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