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Bernard Hopkins was on hand Wednesday, at a news conference in his hometown of Philadelphia. He was at an event to help promote Oscar De La Hoya's May 5th bout with Floyd Mayweather Jr. While there, Hopkins spoke on how he loves to hit people with out being locked up and how boxing is therapy for him.

Jokingly Hopkins stated: "I like hitting people without getting locked up." Hopkins added "I've been hitting people for 20 years, and this is therapy for me. A lot of people, I want to hit the hell out of them, so I just take it in the ring. You hit
somebody and you get paid for it. Because if I hit somebody and don't get paid for it, that means I get a case. That means I get arrested."

On a much more serious note, Hopkins discussed coming back out of retirement. Hopkins is set to face off against Winky Wright in his return on July 21st.

"I know I'm not the person I was 20 years ago," Hopkins said, adding: "My wife tells me that all the time. But in this game of boxing, when it's time to go, your body will tell you. And if you don't listen, people will tell you. But right now people are saying to me, `Forget what other people say.' Bernard Hopkins is one of those rare athletes that can fight another two or three years if he wants

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Agreed. I believe his next fight with Winky will determine his future. I see him winning and if that is the case he will continue fighting. If he loses, and I mean really loses, not like the b.s. against taylore...he will be done.
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