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Berto Vs Kirkland

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i would love to see this fight today.
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those are my 2 favorite prospects but berto is so much faster and hits harder than kirkland, kirkland is just relentless. Berto by KO.
i dont know who would win but it would be a good fight.
they are not chumps at all, at least not yet.
they hit hard
they go for the KO
they get hit allot.
all that equals one good fight.
All that above and Berto is more talented.
yeah, berto is just a notch above kirkland, berto is just an overral more atheltic person, whereas kirkland is an awesome aggressive fighter who will be tough to beat, but he looks knockoutable.
I would say Berto would win but not by ko because he still dont have that killer instint yet.
july 27th, berto fights a guy by the name of cosme rivera on espn 2. Berto said " he doesnt like to stay in there very long " i would say thats a good killer instinct.
Thanks Lance. I just marked July 27th in my PDA. This is why we need a fight schedule section. I know a few people will miss this fight because they simply forgot. I spoke with the admin about an upcoming fight schedule section and he is working on getting it done for us.
no problem man, a fight schedule section would be great. Hopefully anyone can post it in regarding new up and coming fights.
tysonjones said:
july 27th, berto fights a guy by the name of cosme rivera on espn 2. Berto said " he doesnt like to stay in there very long " i would say thats a good killer instinct.
He can say what he wants but its his actions that say the instinct isnt all the way there yet.
just becaue he has alot of poise and doesnt go straight for the kill so he doesnt walk in on a shot doesnt mean he doesnt have a killer instinct. Because i see alot of it inside him.
I see it too at times. Sometimes he looks a bit lacadaisical and uniterested, but briefly. The kid will be great in my opinion.
he has the ABILITY to control himself. Ive enver been bored in a berto fight, I have 9 of them. Hard to find fights. anywayz, he will be the next BIG BIG thing in boxing. He has the power and determinations like tyson but the control like roy jones. If tyson had the poise that berto had, he would of annihilated douglas, but tyson kept walking in becaue he was a true warrior. I know i went off subject but this berto guy is so easy to compare to some of the best ( and hes only 23 ) cant wait until the 27th. IM so glad they are showing more fights. It used to seem i woudl wait forever to watch a boxing match, now theres are 1 great fight a month. ( at least with a top named guy ) Man i have no life outside boxing and the x files lol.
You should have left out the X files comment! ;)
lol, im keepign it real shane, and me and my wife love watching it with the kids. Hey you liked to be scared shane, alot of these episodes keep you on the edge of your seat. Alot of horror movies now, you know exactly whats going to happen next , not with the x files. Man ive been watchign to many x files. Have i mentioned x files?
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