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There is a lot of great and greatest Argentinian fighters, who are the best three for each opinion? Here a little memory help:

Luis Firpo
Oscar Bonavena
Gregorio Peralta
José Carattoli
Víctor Galíndez
Jorge Ahumada
Carlos Monzón
Eduardo Lausse
Rafael Merentino
Hugo Corro
Jorge Fernández
Federico Thompson
Nicolino Locche
Justo Suárez
Pascual Pérez
Horacio Accavallo
Santos Laciar
Gustavo Ballas

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tommygunn said:
what about current wbc welterweight champ carlos baldomir.

Thanks, tommygunn!:thumbsup:

As you can read, they are all retired; at present, Carlos Baldomir is a very good fighter; too, the WBO flyweight champion Omar Narvaez

:) :) :)
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