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Best chin ever..any division?

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Who would you pick?


Who would you go for....should be interesting.:)
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This thread should be in the history section.
Tex Cobb..
We already did it...History section
O right if you already discussed it, I mean that is it then isn't it:rolleyes:

If you don't want to post somthing in the thread and have took part in a similar thread in the past fine...just bog off and don't post mate!

I hate crrrrap posts like that!!

No one on every website can know what has gone before and discussions will always go in cycles, that is the way of it and if people don't like that then they shouldn't be on a forum!!

If this does belong in a different section then I guess a mod can move it and we can have the discussion with people who want to talk about it elsewhere...

I'm gonna go for Chris Eubank.
Id say Hagler Cuvalo or McCall...If i was to pick #1 it would be Oliver McCall.

Eubank had a granite chin CF, your right there.
Heavyweight- Chuvalo. He took Foreman and Frazier's hardest shots right on the jaw and didn't even blink.

Middleweight- tie between LaMotta and Hagler, those too could take an unhuman amount of punishment and think nothing of it.

Welterweight- Carmen Basilio should be right up there. He had an iron jaw him self.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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