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Best Gloves

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I do not box to much I really just like to watch it but I was wondering if I am going to get into the sport which gloves are the best?
Thanks for any ideas.
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Like I have said before I think that the best boxing gloves are Everlast. There are really good to use for sparing. They also do last for a long time too.
Boxing Equipment&clubs

What gloves would you use for speed and why.
Boxing Equipment&clubs

Do you know of any boxing clubs in the austin area.
There are several excellent brands, depends on what style glove you prefer. Grant gloves are sworn by, by the people who use them. Reyes gloves are excellent mexican-style gloves. Everlast and ringside make excellent pro style gloves as well.
I personally use Everlast but much of the equipment provided by my gym uses Ringside.
Yeah everlast is excellent, so is ringside. They are about the same.:cool:
So which specific gloves kick ass, there was a review on gloves in some erupean boxing magazine where they tested 20 or gloves against each other and a fairtex brand came out on top, i'd love to get my hands on that article

I just posted that our club is now using Rival Gloves, not as expensive as Reyes, but great gloves. Gloves are a personal preference item, however all of my new boxers will use Rival...great protection.:)
You can always tell when somebody new to boxing walks into your gym..,they're the ones with all the expensive branded gloves and boxing gear.., :D . In my experience, this will not neccessarilly make you a better boxer or champion boxer .

most Known boxing gloves manufacturers use the same type and thickness of inner padding, leather and stitching techniques..,
It really is a matter of preference, if it feels right and comfortable, then use it.

Do you really think all it takes to be a champion boxer is to beable to afford very expensive gloves?

i can guarantee you that any champion boxer out there would have been a champion no matter what brand of gloves he/she trained with...:D
Kenneth Woods said:
Do you know of any boxing clubs in the austin area.
Check here for boxing gyms in Texas. There are 9 gyms listed in Austin.

Texas Boxing Gyms
My choice would be the reyes gloves.
I Like Grant also
i like my gloves the best hehe just kidding
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