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Best of the Fab Four

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So who was the best in the Fab Four fights of the early 80's? Ray Lenoard, Marvin Hagler, Tommy Hearns, Roberto Duran.
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I know I can't be the only one that was alive then. It wasn't that long ago. These four fighters carried boxing in on of the dark periods. THese fighters had a round table going that was unlike any other in the sports history. No one has an opinion on it?
IMO @ middleweight Hagler, @ lightweight Duran, and @ Welterweight Leonard closely followed by Hearns.
overall , i think hagler was the best. And i honestly believe thomas hearns and roberto duran were both better than sugar ray leonard.
Marvelous Marvin. All quality fighters. I just cant get the picture of Leonards "slap punching" out of my mind, so he will never top Hagler for that very reason.
but they are all equally going down in history.
tysonjones said:
but they are all equally going down in history.
Only one of the 4 has a win over the other 3. Say what you want about the Hagler/Leonard fight but the W goes to Leonard.

It's hard to believe that "the hitman" scored a 10th round TKO about 1 1/2 years ago up in Michigan.
lol yeah, and recently leonrd admitted that he should of lost the second fight between the two. Hagler i thought won the fight against leonard by 2 points. Duran beat leond the first time around and that was the only one i cared about becasue thats the only one leonrd actually stood there and fought with him. Hagler beat hearns, hagler beat duran, hagler beat leonard, leonard beat hagler, hearns beat duran. duran beat leonard. They are all equal. But i still go with hagler, i never saw the man hurt, he rose to the occasion everytime. He backed up his talk. to me, he is the greatest middleweight ever. The only man i think that could of beat him in his prime is roy jones jr. and even that i kind of question.
Hagler was the best at Middleweight, but P4P i dunno, Duran was awesome at LW.
p4p duran and hearns, definently beat both, hagler never fought out of middleweight and leonard didnt have GREAT GREAT success at higher weights. He did alright none the less.
P4P its Duran without a doubt. The greatest lightweight boxer of all time ;):D And hes super cool.
Well Duran in the younger days was the baddest mother****** on this earth. Straight forward and jsut punching the life out of everyone, hes the kinda fighter that made the guys he fought really really scared and you could see it in them when they looked into his eyes. I am a Duran nuthugger if you hadnt noticed.
hey man, there is no shane in that, my personal favorite fight of his is against iran barkely. IM so glad they gave him that victory. He deserved it.
There sure is no SHANE in that. You must have me on your mind!
lol well it could be that thats the name im thinking of for my kid as you already know but im poertty sure it has to do with the n being right by the m on the keyboard lol, nice catch thouhg :laugh:
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