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1. Manny Pacquiao

2. Floyd Mayweather Jr.

3. Juan Manuel Marquez

4. Wladimir Klitschko

4. Nonito Donaire

6. Sergio Martinez

7. Pongsaklek Wonjongkam

8. Fernando Montiel

9. Andre Ward

10. Vic Darchinyan

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Manny Pacquiao
Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Juan Manuel Marquez
Sergio Martinez
Paul Williams
Nonito Donaire
Wladimir Klitschko
Fernando Montiel
Miguel Cotto
Andre Ward

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and this is my list for now. if asked next month i might have an entirely different list though. some notes:

1 and 2, i had manny at 1st as he fought more recently than money, that simple.
3 and 4, battling with myself if i were to put martinez at 3, but jmm has been busier.
10. thinking of having donaire or khan for his performance against paulie. decided to stick with dawson anyway
embarassing how i don't age gracefully at all. i have floyd at 1 and manny at 2

Incorrect :cop:
good catch. i stand corrected :cop:
21 - 24 of 24 Posts