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Big fights that never happened!

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This thread is simple.. just think up 2 great fighters from the same era that never got in the ring! I only know more recent ones, but heres some that i can think of now:

Hamed v Morales- This would have been 50/50, i think this would have been a great trilogy.
Trinidad v Mosley- Mosley would out-point Trinidad IMO, but have a few shaky moments.
De La Hoya v Tszyu- I really have no idea how this would have gone, il go with De La Hoya SD win

Damnit, i had loads earlier but i cant think now:laugh: Il add some more later..
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Holmes-Foreman. Larry kept trying to get the fight, but George said no.
LeedsLad said:
How do you think the fight would have gone bill?
It Holmes was really pushing for it in 76, then he broke his hand, so that year went out the drain, then he started pushing for it in 77, but then Foreman had that huge breakdown, so then it was ruled out entirely. But in 77, IMO Holmes would have jabbed Foremans ears off. In the 90's, IMO it would have gone a lot like Holmes-Mercer, just closer.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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