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Yesterday this myspace page added me.. I guess there's a huge fight going on in Jamaica on June 20th.. I saw a little bit about it on another forum too.. I wonder why I havent heard about this else where?? Or sooner, ya know. Anyone else know anything?

SO..... YOD vs MALAIPET!!! Crazzzzy!!! I have no idea who's going to win this one.... they're both damn good fighters!

John Parr was suppose to fight too, but I heard this morning that his father just past away. That's unfortunate to hear. He was suppose to fight Marco Pique... Any suggestions on who would be a good match for him?

Any way, if anyone else wants to find out, I think you can just google the fight or find them on myspace, Muay Thai Jamaica, I think.

There's seriously like 20 fighters on this card!
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