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Why is Bob Satterfield so underrated? His resume is filled with wins against top contenders and solid opposition. He defeated Harold Johnson , Nick Barone, Tommy Gomez, Marty Marshall, Johnny Summerlin, Julio Mederos and wins by knockouts over guys such as John Holman 2x, Lee Oma, Oakland Billy Smith, Bob Baker, Elkins Brothers, Cleveland Williams and Julio Mederos in their rematch.

His lost mostly came from greats such as Archie Moore, Joey Maxim, Holman Williams and close fights against Jake LaMotta, Ezzard Charles, Rex Layne and Clarence Henry.

Yeah he had a China chin, and his style was fairly limited.. but still he has ATG knockout power to back it up

After all this, why isn't he in the top 100 greatest Heavyweights of all time?
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