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Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, I am proud to present to you an excellent book. Written by Edwin Haislet and published in 1940, it is his treatise on how to learn and teach boxing. Filled with more content that Jack Dempsey's masterpiece, and a whopping 190 pictures, this book is an overflowing fountain of boxing knowledge. Covering not just the basics of offense and defense, it covers usage, how to apply, when to apply, battle stratagems, amongst others.

While I'm comparing and contrasting to Dempsey, this book as also very refreshing. It focuses on horizontal fists versus Dempsey's vertical fists, a snappy jab, and a very technical boxing style.

Beside its excellent content, the book is very readable. I've found books from that similar time period to be very hard to follow in their descriptions, or in rarer cases, pictures. This alone is reason enough to grab it.

For Edwin's credentials, he was the trainer of many golden glove athletes and other famous boxer's. If memory serves, I believe he trained Cus D'amato, Mike Tyson's trainer. He was also heavily, heavily, heavily "quoted" (AKA plagiarized) in Bruce Lee's boxing section of Tao of Jeet Kune Do.

I've heard people talk about "textbook" boxing technique. This is the textbook. Even though it's 68 years old, I find it to be an amazing text. This, along with Jack Dempsey's, are two books I've printed for my own personal paper collection.

Without further delay:

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