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Mike Tyson career (12 dvd)
evander holyfield career (18 dvd)
de la hoya career (11 dvd)
Roy jones career (11 dvd)
floyd mayweather career (11 dvd)
nigel benn career (7 dvd)
jeff lacy career (4 dvd)
prince naseem career (8 dvd)
bernard hopkins 20 fights (6 dvd)
manny pacquiao 20 fights (7 dvd)
arturo gatti 30 fights (9 dvd)
ricky hatton 30 fights (10 dvd)
Lennox lewis 30 fights (5 dvd)
roberton duran 30 fights (6 dvd)
+much more rare footage

please replie if anyone is interested in any sets or any single fights i have here. I could have what you are looking for. I would like to hear if you have any sets i have not mentioned here and would be willing to trade or sell. I live in the UK therefore can only post in UK.
Thank you for looking.

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tysonjones said:
IM interested in your hatton and lacy careers. I have plenty of fights you dont so maybe we can make a trade. My list is at check it out. Email me at [email protected]

I would avoid that. I am still waiting for him to send his end of our trade & its been weeks.
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