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yahoo is a funny name. i rememebr in 98 or something it was the first time i sat on a computer with the internet and was told to type

i was like er wtf is that and how do i spell it lol

i remember in school we use to go on yahoo chat and swear at people :)

now i think yahoo is ****. too generalised as you pointed out ulster

Yeah, it's not good man. I think they get their news from Eurosport which kind of throws all combat sports together.

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Sheesh the little coverage boxing gets and the front page of Yahoo they have this garbage.



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Having done a little reporting and wrote articles for boxing mags I have to say that in my opinion Iole's column is GARBAGE
He was right in the fact it was referee Joe Cortez fault and thats about it.
The problems started when Cortez dived in pulled Soto off and looked as if he was going to stop the fight. He seemed to panic then as though he thought Hey I'm not supposed to do this. But the fighter was hurt unable to defend himself and his nose was smashed and rearranged and he had a cut half way across his eye. Cortez foolishly waved them to fight.Soto tore in and the guy took a knee. That punch to the back of the head was inconsequential. The worse part in my opinion was the fighter was allowed to lie in the ring completely unattended for ages. His nose smashed, he was having difficulty breathing and was gushing blood from a severely cut eye. All this time Cortez and Kiser, who in my personal opinion should be severely sanctioned too, were going around seemingly asking people what they should do next
It was a diabolical faux-pas all around What should happen now???
The decision should be reversed Soto should win on a TKO. Both Cortez and Kiser should be put out to pasure as soon as possible
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