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I just wanted to say that:

Since i got this computer a couple of years a go, i have been through many, many forums..

Mulitple Wrestling, Football (soccer), Rugby etc,

And all of them have been bigger then Boxing Forum

and i have posted a lot more their, and i mean a lot

I have posted here like what, 19-20 times, and i have received muliply private messages from members and that, and good reponse for most of my post's.

I'm my eyez, out of all them Forums, i gotta say that Boxing Forums, is the BEST, by far

People care and give you advice, good or bad, and help you out with questions.

Before i joined last week, my knowledge about boxing was close to nothing, and in a few days i have learned a lot.

I just wanted to say Thanks to everyone
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No problem. Here on we prefer quality over quanity. And we try our best to answer all questions accurately and thoroughly. I think most of us truly do want to help people here, and truly do care if they got what they wanted.
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