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I have recently decided to take up boxing as an activity to loose my current desk job physic and to loose weight. I have absolutely zero intention of fighting either armature, professional or even sparing with anyone.

I’ll post my dimensions as this may help some questions I have listed below. I am 22 years old. I currently stand 6’5 and weigh 290lbs and I’m not very muscular.

I did a little searching on these forums and some other boxing forums to find out what equipment would best suit me, however I wanted to run this by yall.

I recently purchased a Everlast heavy bag stand/speed bag setup. I also picked up a 100lb Everlast "ever tear" bag with chains. What is this never tear and is it worth it?

I did some reading on here that doesn't recommend this type of stand but I figure if I don't need to work on footwork it should work well for me. Does this sound right?

I also picked up some 14oz everlast gloves (Gloves I purchased). I am beginning to think that I made the wrong decision with the gloves after reading some posts on this forum. Will these work for just working on a heavy bag?

I also had a medical question. I broke my hand when I was younger and stupid by punching a solid object (don't ask) and I have 3 pins holding my hand together. I assume this being a boxing forum someone has broken a hand. I was wondering if I will experience any problems by just working a heavy bag?

My last question is probably the most comprehensive. I know I'm showing my newbness by being worried about gear as it matters about 1% when it comes to working out, but what else should I do besides jump robe, work the speed bag, and hit the heavy bag? Is there anything else you might recommend? Running (at least at my current weight) is out of the question for me as I have a seriously destroyed leg/ankle/ (motorcycle accident).

I have currently cut my diet from some ungodly amount of calories to exactly 1500 per day with no added exercise. My goal is to loose 100lbs by next year. Please let me know if there is anything else I should be doing!

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If your 6'5, and shooting for 190 in 1 year, then you have to do a lot. But IMO for someone who is 6'5, 210 would be healthy too. Since you just started, and 3 pins are holding you hand together, I would ask a doctor first.
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