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Hello there.
I been doing Boxing for like 7 month, when i first entered a Boxing gym i hated it and felt like the coach hated me. But now i actually like the sport and my coach let me spare with the best boxers in the gym.infact my first game is about 1 month from now. But lately i been thinkin about if the sport is Worth the risk. My goal is to do Boxing for about 2 or 3 years and have a couple of Amateur games under my belt. but im too afriad that it’s gonna have an impact on my life goals and Education. Right know im a carpenter apprentice and the Education isnt easy for me. My goal is to start a real estate Company and Build my own houses. But im too scared that 2 years of Boxing is gonna affect my goals.

Please what do you guys Think?

And sorry for my terrible english.

Ps: some of the best boxers in the gym Are Plumber and electrician apprentice, and they Seem to do Well.
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