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Update on July 29th fight

I am writer in the Ohio area and I have been told that Ronson Frank is supposed to be fighting Chris Jessup (of Mansfield, Ohio) in his pro-debut.
Rumor has that Ronson Frank is going to back out of this fight because he is afraid of Jessup.
Is anyone here familiar with Ronson Frank. I am writing a story on Chris Jessup and I would hate to see his opening night ruined by a fighter who is afraid to fight someone. Jessup is a classy guy who made some poor choices early in his life; paid his debt to society and is ready to move on. The word I have been hearing is that if you have spent time behind bars it is automatically assumed you are a "no talent street brawler who fights dirty".
I have gotten to know Chris a little bit and I think he has genuinely changed his life and is trying to provide a living for his family. But 2 fighters have already canceled their scheduled fights. As stated I am writer but I am new to writing about boxing. I have always loved the art of boxing, but until now I have not had a chance to cover there is my entirely to long post...sorry..but any help would be appreciated.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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