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THE World Cup of Boxing is a huge financial burden to Cebuano promoter Sammy Gello-ani, the ALA Gym and the Golden Boy Promotions but this early, they have a strong assurance from Cebu City councilor Sylvan “Jack” Jakosalem of a full backing from the city and a few businessmen.

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Since the World Cup will be definitely hosted by the country, Gello-ani said he fears of a possible huge financial loss if they don’t get any specific financial pledge for the much-awaited card.

“Financially we can back it up. But the question is how can we generate income from it? We cannot depend on the gates sales alone because for sure it won’t be enough. What we are trying to negotiate for now is on how far we can go. This is a losing proposition but we can’t back out, all we have to do is to seek a way to minimize the loss. We are still studying all the options right now,” Gello-ani told Sun.Star Cebu yesterday.

In a separate interview Jakosalem said he is pulling strings to make the World Cup a possibility in Cebu City.

“We have three businessmen who are very much willing to help and one guy is going to invest because it will bring international exposure. I already promised Sammy that we will sit down and talk once the election is over,” Jakosalem said.

According to Jakosalem, the Cebu City government will give full support to the promoters, from marketing to the other aspects of the event, including the security, venue and facilities.

“All we need here is an extensive marketing drive to attract more investors and me and the city government is very much willing to help,” added Jakosalem.

Gello-ani earlier said they need $2 million to bankroll the World Cup.

The SGG Sports Promotion head is leaving for Manila on Friday to meet with three television networks that are interested to carry the fight.

“We are in the process of discussing it and within a week or so, we will announce something that is going to be very relevant to the World Cup,” Gello-ani said.

The World Cup will feature three or four world championship fights with Rey “Boom-Boom” Bautista’s fight against Daniel Ponce de Leon for the WBO super bantamweight title as the main event.

Other world title fights being worked on are the Z “The Dream” Gorres vs. Fernando “Cochulito” Montiel WBO super flyweight championship rematch, Bert Batawang vs. Hugo Cazares WBO light flyweight match and the Gerry Peñalosa-Johnny Gonzales WBO bantamweight.

I would love to see an annual world cup of boxing.
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