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hi im a 18 year old girl ive been interested in boxing since i was about 10 coz my friend used to to it so i used to watch her on the playground at school does n e 1 no how i could get started
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First you must find a local gym.Simply go through the yellow pages, then call and find out who Has fighters.Women boxers are not easy to find so any boxing gym would love to have you. good luck, Oh by the way its ok to spell out here you've got plen-t of room
oh i know i always write like it
a website you can use

Go to - Boxing Gyms and Clubs. On the home page, click on to BOXING
GYM ADDRESSES. That will take you to an alphabetical list of the states. Click on to the state where you live. You will then see a list, on the left, of the boxing gyms in your state, followed by their addresses, cities, zip codes and phone numbers. You can click on to the names of gyms in blue letters to go to their websites.

Above the list are also headings for websites about how to find a good boxing trainer, how to find a good boxing gym, books on boxing, and boxing equipment review.

I hope this information has been helpful. Good luck.
cheers for dat ill just check dat out
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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