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Boxing Forum's - Member Hall of Fame
Inductee prerequisites/requirements, and the procudures for nomination.


Nominations of members into the Boxing Forum Hall of Fame shall be determined by a poll voting process. On the first of each month, a poll list shall be generated by the Boxing Forum administration and moderator staff and will be comprised of 10 members' names. Qualifying members, after having passed the initial criteria for nomination, shall be selected by the administration and moderator staff based on the quality and content of their posts and additions to the site, as well as by considered recommendations by other site members and current H.O.F'ers. If you feel a member is deserving of a nomination, and they meet the requirements, let one of our moderators know and he/she will be considered. In some cases where a member has not quite reached the post requirement, but has been a stellar contributor to the site, an exception "may" be made, based on the agreement of the moderator/admin staff.

Upon being selected to the list of nominees, those members will recieve a PM from the staff team, and the HOF Inductee Voting Poll will be opened, populated by those 10 names selected, and will remain open for a period of 15 days. On the 15th day of each month, the member who has received the most votes shall be inducted into the Boxing Forum Member Hall of Fame. :thumbsup:

Our first induction will kick off with three members. Following that each month, one member will be selected.


1. Nominee must have at least 500 posts

2. Nominee must have been an active member for at least 6 months

Nominees shall in addition be chosen based on the quality of their posts and what they've brought to the site. Welcoming new members, adding your experiences and insights, reviews of fights, boxing history, gear reviews and info, and all things boxing will be considered.

Good luck to all, and thanks for all of your contributions to the site!
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